The Concept of the NuAns NEO

NuAns NEO [Reloaded]

A design that suits your lifestyle

For a tool that you are using on a daily basis, you would want a device that would perfectly integrate with your life – both at work and at home. You would want something that can naturally fit in your hands, so connected that you will form an emotional attachment to it.

Every day, you bring things such as a bag, watch, stationery, or wallet with you. It’s the same with a smartphone, you carry it with you all the time. Wouldn’t it be nice to customize the “texture” of your smartphone so that it fits naturally in your hand and match it with a color that suits your taste?

We analyzed a person’s lifestyle and redesigned the smartphone from scratch while considering every detail such as color, material, texture and shape.

A new perspective to "slimness"

It’s a fact that technology is getting more advanced over time. This leads to a smartphone design that is becoming thinner and thinner. However, does a super slim design enhance a smartphone’s usability and functionality?

NuAns NEO focused on the innovation of latest technology by creating top-notch industrial design to reinforce portability, appearance, and functionality. At first encounter, you will be surprised at its unexpected lightness. We didn’t even dare join the endless pursuit to slimness. Instead, we focused on “product value enhancement” with new technology that makes it slim.

Finally, we discovered a unique, symmetrical and easy-to-hold round form, a high-capacity battery and a non-contact type IC card slot.

Our pursuit to a new value with an unchanged concept

We at NuAns NEO have launched a variety of new concepts. One of the ideas we would like to share you is the "CORE concept".

As smartphones became thinner, the majority of smartphone users are using some sort of cover for their handsets. Even when its ultra slim design incorporates the latest technology, it still might be damaged when you attach the cover. So, we came up with a novel design idea to initially make the handset body separated from its cover.

CORE concept is a new way thinking that focuses on the freedom to choose the design and functionality by separating the “CORE” function from the cover.

Simple TWOTONE lets you select the material and color for top and bottom cover while FLIP is a functional type notebook. Enabling you to interchange your cases according to your preference, making every single CORE individually unique.

What’s more, by exchanging CORE, the CORE concept allows you to update to the latest hardware and new software platform while keeping the same cover as is.

In the newly designed CORE with NuAns NEO [Reloaded], the spirit of its original counterpart continues to live on. Instead of painstakingly modifying every time there is a new hardware upgrade, our motto is: "Don't change a winning team". Thus, we reloaded the "latest technology trend" using the original values provided by CORE of NuAns NEO.



Express yourself with free TWOTONE combinations

NuAns NEO [Reloaded] lets you enjoy more than 600 cover combinations along with those that were already released.

With a simple back cover design called TWOTONE, we adopted an individualistic approach by letting you select from a variety of colors and materials that you can combine. You have the freedom to rearrange the color and material for the top and bottom covers, resulting in a unique two-tone design with different materials.

You can also choose from a variety of cover textures – snug-fit, silky and dry, or a natural texture feel. The color and texture are tailor fit to your taste.

Furthermore, the IC card can be quickly inserted by simply removing the bottom cover. This design enables you to charge your prepaid IC payment card in an instant.


“FLIP design which breaks through the conventional “device” look

We know it’s important to you to always bring your important cards and not to forget them. Based on our extensive experience in designing smartphone accessories, we noticed that most consumers prefer the flip-type case. So we came up with an unconventional exterior design called FLIP that has two card pockets and a large storage pocket, apart from the backside IC card storage space. It even doubles up as a hands-free stand ideal for watching movies. Aside from that, the smartphone automatically turns on when the FLIP lid is opened and goes to sleep mode when closed.

FLIP can also cover the camera lens to keep it from becoming a boring and cold “device”, providing you a sense of individuality with its warm material and unique color. It deviates from looking like a conventional digital device, but rather looks more like a notebook.

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Material selection and production technology that adheres to "Authenticity" and "Texture"

Since we frequently hold our smartphones all day, we wanted to make sure to use only “natural material”. It is important that it just doesn’t look good from the outside; we want its texture to feel good to the touch too. Aside from this, we also need to make sure that it is highly durable to withstand the strain of daily use. How can we deliver such a high-quality industrial phone while keeping its genuine texture and feel? We examined both natural and artificial materials that are known for their durability and texture and then we developed production technology that offers various options.

Intensify "texture" using a new never-before-seen material

Aside from existing materials such as tennâge, clarino, and ultrasuede, we added four exterior materials - cork, denim, dotted ultrasuede, and stone to complement to your "texture" sensation.

This is our concept for NuAns NEO [Reloaded], to deliver genuine touch sensation, texture, and color to your everyday hand-held device.

Tennâge®(natural wood)

At first glance, NuAns NEO blends perfectly well on a desk or background where it was placed. The backdrop of natural wood creates such an illusion. However, it’s a common fact that natural wood is not really the ideal exterior for digital devices as it may cause problems with heat dissipation, weight, processing accuracy, etc. This brings us to our next question: Is there a way to make use of the texture of natural wood without affecting the device’s functionality? Our answer to this is “tennâge”, a durable wood veneer sheet from Japan. By combining tennâge and Japan’s outstanding production technology, we were able to create a wooden texture exterior with superior strength and durability. We prepared two color tones that will suit any backdrop.

* Tennâge is a registered trademark of ZeroOne Products Ltd.


After thorough research to find a material with a natural texture and something that would be I for natural wood, NuAns adopted a material called Clarino. This synthetic leather-like material started way back in the 1960’s and has since then delivered superior quality material to its customers. It can retain its good condition for a long period of time as it is waterproof, tear and scratch resistant, and can keep its softness even when washed. Another great reason for choosing clarino is that it has a broad range of tones and colors to choose from. Four tones - black, white, khaki, and saffron are made exclusively for NuAns NEO.

* Clarino is a registered trademark of Kuraray Co., Ltd.


"Ultrasuede", also known as "Ecsaine", is a microfiber fabric that resembles natural suede. Its texture, durability, and stain resistance are just some of the factors why its quality is even much better than natural leather suede. The smooth finish and brushed feel of Ultrasuede will not only feel luxurious in your hands but will enhance your sense of touch when holding your digital device. Ultrasuede is usually monochromatic with a matte finish that can evoke different sense of touch depending on the fabric’s napped surface. NuAns NEO in Ultrasuede achieves its feathery touch by applying special processing to the fabric. To make it all the more interesting, its colors are randomly mixed white and black.

* Ultrasuede is a registered trademark of Toray Industries, Inc.


It’s the one thing that never goes out of style and this fabric will definitely give your smartphone a cool vibe. We selected the very best pure indigo denim from Kojima in Okayama prefecture that is famous worldwide for producing durable denim with a wide variety of styles. Kojima has since been hailed as the denim capital of Japan since the Edo period.

* The ends might fray and the color might fade or transfer over time, but it’s an inherent property of denim – so, enjoy it!


Cork has been known for a long time to be an ideal material for grips and handles of sporting goods. Surprisingly, its unique texture and incredibly softness can also be the perfect exterior for your smartphone. Our cork fabric is made by Villani Leonello, an Italian company that specializes in extremely flexible and durable cork fabric using their own technology. Your cork wrapped smartphone will fit naturally in your palm. This is the perfect choice for eco-minded consumers because cork fabric is environment-friendly and its raw materials are 100% natural.


Stone is a new material developed in Italy by Villani Leonello in 2009. This material is derived from an extremely hard and sturdy stone that can be formed into an unbelievably soft and durable textile. Since it is made from original layers of rocks, you will love the unique beauty, feel and texture of natural stone. Moreover, the design and texture variations cannot be replicated even when the same material was used. Its amazing texture will wrap around every curve and edge of your NuAns NEO, leaving you with a cool and distinctive feel.

Punched Ultrasuede®

Ultrasuede by Toray Industries is water- resistant and washable. This popular fabric can be “needle punched” to further enhance its gripping capability. The unique texture of punched ultrasuede presents a cool image that is also durable, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant. Its texture is like touching an exquisite furniture and its appearance emits a feeling of casualness and lightness.

* Ultrasuede is a registered trademark of Toray Industries, Inc.

Feel free and express your individuality with TWOTONE and FLIP 3D data

We want to make an original cover exclusively for you. Creativity is our passion and that is why we will be releasing TWOTONE and FLIP 3D data for free.

You can combine TWOTONE's standard lineup to create your very own interesting and original combinations for both top and bottom covers using your favorite materials and colors. With FLIP data, you can complete the final touch into a back side integrated design, add stand feature with obtaining 3D data, and make automotive kits. Let your imagination run wild with our infinite design possibilities.


TWOTONE .sti 480KB


3Dデータ公開 同意書

NuAns NEO [Reloaded]カバー3Dデータを公開するにあたり、下記の点にご注意いただき、ご理解の上、ご了承いただいた方のみご使用ください。なお、3Dデータ内にはボタンパーツは含まれておりません。別途、NuAnsのオンラインストアでご購入ください。

【 NuAns NEO [Reloaded]公開カバーデータを使用する際の注意事項 】 ・公開しているデータおよび当社以外で公開されているデータに関する問い合わせ・サポートは受け付けていません。



・公開しているデータをもとにした製品(物品もしくはデータ)を販売もしくは無償配布する際には、NuAns、NEO、トリニティ、Simplism、TENTの名前を使用、もしくは作成者と誤認されるような名称をつけたり、誤認を誘導するような方法・表現で販売や無償配布をすることはできません(「NuAns NEO [Reloaded]用交換カバー」という表記のみ認めますが、必ず「純正品」ではないことを明記してください。)

・データを使用して作成されたカバー、その他の用途も含むあらゆる責任はカバーを製作した個人あるいは企業にあり、NuAns NEO [Reloaded]の製造責任者であるトリニティ株式会社は直接、間接問わず一切の責任を負いません。



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