Brand new.

Live with NuAns NEO “Reloaded” that can manage all your daily needs, even payments.

NuAns NEO [Reloaded]

New challenges toward perfection

We have been contemplating if the smartphone, that has become a necessary tool in our everyday lives, can truly make us feel comfortable.

However, can a smartphone be considered an indispensable tool for our daily-life use? As a device placed in the palm of your hand every day and operated with your fingertip, do you feel comfortable in a natural sense?

Furniture, clothes, stationery, and bags – these are just some of the items that we encounter on a daily basis without even being conscious about it. It’s the same feeling with a tool that we touch every day with our hands. NuAns NEO, developed in 2016, aims to bring together this natural connection between "people" and "life".

What the smartphone should be

The round form fits seamlessly into your hand, the exterior material is highly sensitive to touch, and the CORE concept lets you customize the function and design to suit your needs. Without being bounded by conventional common sense, we challenged various ideas and made a completely new smartphone. Its success has been recognized by several NuAns brand products and numerous design awards for NuAns NEO.

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Solid concept

After the birth and launch of the original NuAns NEO, we started to think of introducing this concept to more people. Our mission is to rebuild NuAns NEO while keeping its system, concept, and design intact by adding what the world needs and incorporating new ideas that were not in the original NuAns NEO.

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To use smartly

To make our dream a reality, we have altered its function as a device, and re-designed the hardware of the new NEO. This is how the brand new smartphone “NuAns NEO [Reloaded]” was born.

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