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Nuance & New Answers

The answer to a comfortable digital life.

With a single swipe of our fingers, we can tap into information from all over the world. Knowledge is now at the tip of our fingers.The birth of the Apple iPhone created a whole new lifestyle that eventually became integrated into many people’s lives. iPhone introduced us to the “smartphone” genre; eventually playing a major role in the way we socialize with each other. Smartphones are the source of connection between people and society. Smartphones have become a huge part of our daily lives, yet, we find ourselves looking at our existing smartphones as primitive.

Chasing the newer, faster, better, technology is what keeps us whole. That must be one reason smartphones have been making life better. However, we started to wonder if there was another way to make the smartphone experience better.

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Fit your hand and blend into your life.
Brand new design re-considering from zero

To make the thing to blend into your life and to fit to your hand when you use, instead to seek the numeric value of thinness and lightness.
Our body is big round-shape with the curve on the glass surface.
We also used the selected material for backside texture not to avoid dropping the phone.

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We wanted to change the appearance.

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Visibly sound 5 inch high-definition display

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Special wide-angled lens for a greater field of vision

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The Future Standard: USB Type-C Connector

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Talk time
16 hours

(Up to 2 days)

Standby time
400 hours

(Up to 16 days)

To increase battery life

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More expansive & potential antenna

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NEO only for you

CORE, which becomes the center of NEO was designed on the concept that it can be integrated with exterior of the phone. Just like changing into clothes everyday, you can change the exterior depending on the application of the phone and style you desire.

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