The Future Standard:
USB Type-C Connector

It is certain that the universal standard to connect and charge devices will be the USB Type-C port. Eventually all smartphones using the micro-USB port, will soon switch to the USB Type-C cable. You can feel the efficiency of the USB-Type C cable as soon as you start to use it. To simplify the cable, you are now able to insert both ends of it into the port. This Type-C will be the next standard for devices and cables. Our USB Type-C connecting port is centered at the bottom of the device.

To expand the world-wide view
of NuAns as the New Standard

The USB Type-C connector is new universal standard for the industry and the core technique in our lifestyle solution. For instance, the NuAns products we designed inspired NEO as a solution to add comfort to your life. In addition to the Type-C connector, we will provide a unified world-view of NuAns as the new solution with our simplified cable and desk light.

Frequency band
throughout Japan.

NEO has both 3G and LTE capabilities covered by NTT DOCOMO, Inc and Softbank Corp. NEO can be connected by the 3G (W-CDMA) which covers the FOMA + area and the LTE band 28, whoa station was set up in a hurry by NTT DOCOMO, Inc. This LTE band will be used by not only KDDI (Au) and Softbank, but by the greater Asian-Pacific region.

Undisturbed calls with the dual microphone
and noise-cancellation

The dual microphone and noise-cancellation is important, not only for phone calls, but for LINE and Skype calls. Internet phone services are commonly used as a communication tool throughout the world. Clear calls are needed when receiving calls from an important client or family member. Answering calls in noisy places will no longer be a problem. NEO has a dual microphone that can distinguish your voice from unwanted outside noises. The noise-cancellation function allows the voice to carry producing clear calls always.

Compatible with
NFC Type-A/B/F

NFC is compatible with Type A/B as well is Type F for the Felica standard. The NFC antenna is installed next the back IC card pocket in order to gather information when using compatible Apps. Employ ID is also available when paired with NFC’s advanced apps.

APN setting that are covered by
the main mobile companies in Japan

Many phone carriers offer mobile communication services. Customers often have to change their APN (Access Point Name) whenever they change to a different provider which can be a time consuming process. With the NEO, all APN setting come preloaded so that changing the APN is as simple as selecting the new provider.

Handy Strap
One of the aligned holes is for strap

The simple, yet stylish, Handy Strap was designed to minimize the dropping of your device. The strap hole is located next to the list for speakers on the bottom of the phone so it does not disturb the aesthetics of the phone. Attach the Handy or neck strap for added security.

Visibly sound 5 inch
high-definition display

The demand for a larger screen has prompted many carriers to design big screens. However, we realized that a large screen is useless if it is hard to use and does not sit comfortably in your hand. We found that a 5 inch high definition display screen was not only the perfect size in your hand, but was the perfect harmony between power consumption, resolution, and visibility.

Special wide-angled lens
for a greater field of vision

What kinds of specifications are needed to easily use a built in camera? We came to the conclusion that a carefully chosen wide-angled larger diameter lens was needed. NEO is equipped with an illuminating CMOS image sensor with a 13 million pixel camera; approximately 5 million pixel for in-camera shots. However, we focused more on the wide-angle of the lens and the light emitted from the camera. The field of view for the in-camera is around 24mm for the perfect selfie or group shot. The main camera is around 28mm in its 35mm equivalent; perfect for taking pictures macro images indoors and outdoors.

Rapid charge
for a larger battery capacity

NEO’s battery is about 1.5 to 1.8 times bigger than that of normal smartphones; giving the NEO life for about 2 days. However, because of the larger battery, charging takes a little longer. To combat this, NEO is equipped with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0, which increases the voltage for a quicker charge; charging about 80% in about an hour.

Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11/5GHz Bandwidth)
for secure high-speed access

2.4GHz connectivity tends to be slow and hard to connect to Wi-FI because of its interference with Bluetooth and Microwave frequencies. IEEE802.11ac uses a 5GHz bandwidth for a convenient high-speed Internet experience with 867Mbps.

Equipped with Bluetooth 4.1
to sync wirelessly with other devices

Connecting to other devices has become convenient with the latest Bluetooth 4.1 that comes equipped with the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) software, also known as Bluetooth Smart.

The cable is
now reversible

The reversible USB Type-C connector can be plugged in on both ends. We wanted to offer more convenience when customers wen to connect NEO to the charger or computer. For this we adopted the USB Type A connector for NEO that is also reversible.

We designed
the Re-usable Package

An oval shaped paper tube is used for the packaging of NEO. Keeping the environment in mind, we designed the packaging to be used as a piggy bank to be used as long as you have the NEO.

For more freedom and uniqueness,
We offer the 3D data of TWOTONE and FLIP design

Want to create your own original case for your phone? For those who have a creative mind, we offer the 3D data needed to create and print your own TWOTONE and FLIP design. If you don’t find yourself to be the creative type, you can use any of our pre-fabricated designs. With your creativity, the amount of TWOTONE and FLIP designs possible are infinite.


Please carefully review the 3D data disclosure notes for the NuAns NEO covers below. Proceed to the next step only when agreed upon. Additiionally, the button parts are not included in the 3D data. Please purchase the button at the NuAns online store.

Application considerations regarding the use of NuAns NEO cover data.

Warranted inquiries are accepted regarding data disclosed by Trinity, Inc.

The disclosed data is free, however, sales or distribution of the data is prohibited.

Modifying the data and distributing or selling a finished design is allowed. However, Trinity Inc. will not incur any responsibility and all production responsibility will be incurred by the seller.

Using the names: NuAns, NEO, Trinity, Simplism, TENT, or any names associated with these is prohibited when selling or distributing products produced from the free data supplied by NuAns NEO. If replacement covers are sold, please specify that the cover is “non-genuine”.

The person and or company producing the cover using the published 3D data is liable for everything including, and not limited to, its cover and usage. Trinity, Inc. and its partners will not be held liable indirectly or directly in anyway.

Covers produced using the published 3D data, depending on materials used, might effect basic functions such as NEO’s radio wave sensitivity. However, the support for non-genuine covers is not acceptable.

The warranty does not cover damage due to dropping of the device because durability might have decreased depending on the material or modified shape.

If these considerations are agreed upon, click the “download” button to proceed. For further information, please contact us here.