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The answer to a comfortable digital life.

Smartphones have become part of the framework in our everyday lives. Its not too far fetched to say it has become a necessity. However, it seems like just yesterday when the smartphone like devices were only seen in science fiction films or a device in the distant future, inconceivable to the average person.

This is nowhere near the classification of the product anymore. It has immersed itself into the daily necessity of out everyday lives. To us, it should be seen as a tool of perfection. With the emergence of new smartphone capabilities daily, we have become hesitant to commit to just one smartphone. Yearly, smartphones have become bigger and thinner, have increased resolution, and have revolutionary functions.

All these are necessary to enrich the smartphone experience so that new innovations will continue to thrive.

Are we so certain that these innovations lead us to a comfortable life? In the attempts to finding an answer, we have found numerous solutions. Smartphones seem to advance steadily in its advancements in hardware and functions. However, the industry shouldn’t just focus on the next high tech gadget, but what can help bring comfort to our lives. We need to bring a new category that the industry will soon come to value. Functionality and performance has developed into the priority in technological advancements. Could we achieve better results if we moved towards a different direction?

To seek not high-specification, but our enriched and comfortable life with offering reasonable price. This is how we conclude ‘another answer’ ; NuAns NEO.
Not focusing on specs, but on an affordable way to bring enriched comfort to technology is another answer; NuAns NEO.


What is comfort?

While enriching our lives with digital devices that surround us and the smartphones that a part of us, NuAns offers products that are designed to seek comfort with its textures and colors; while maintaining basic functions and looks.

‘What is a comfortable digital life?’ We have reviewed the current lifestyle to understand what obstacles prohibit the euphoria that we call “comfort” in everyday technology. We have designed to solve the problem with our designs. NuAns’s sole mission is to seek that solution; the new answer. The more we can blend the digital life into the comfort of our space, the easier it is to find the new solution.

What makes a ‘comfortable’ smartphone?
To find the ‘answer’, we dissect what turns people off of current smartphones.

Tirelessly checking the life of the low quality battery
The awkwardly structured phone that is hard to hold
The cold, hard, slippery texture
The cold metallic appearances that do not fit our lifestyle

NuAns NEO strives to eliminate those problems that cause us stress in our lives. We found that the easiest way to eliminate the “cookie cutter” design of smartphones is to alter the look and feel of a smartphone to blend seamlessly into our lives.


Our views on the ‘Now’

Our commitment in re-designing comfort in our work life, play life, and daily life is what brought us to the conclusion to re-design the “phone life”.

Every year the new smartphones are released into the market. The blueprint in designing a smartphone has been improved. The new era (the NOW) has allowed small companies, like ours, to re-design the smartphone.

On the other hand, a revolutionary way of fully blending technology together has the industry enchanted.

Fortunately, we have the essential materials and technology to compete by created comfortable products here in Japan. However, most blended technologies are used for large companies and their products. However large companies fail to produce products that bring warmth and comfort to our lives.

Being a small company, we are able to design a product that engages the five senses. We consider every intricate aspect of how we use technology everyday; only possible because of the ‘Now’.

New Answer with NuAns NEO

We strive to bring a more comfortable lifestyle to the smartphone.

NuAns’s goal is to create a comfortable lifestyle with our smartphones. We sleep in a bed room, work at office, and meet in cafes. Occasionally we find ourselves working outside, as well as enjoy a meal with friends. We then return home to get much needed rest.

Smartphones can be used with every aspect in our lives. Our mission is to create a product that reveals new answers to daily problems technology seems to reveal. The tangling of cables is one in which we are proud to say, have a solution for.

NuAns NEO provides a better and specific solution for our technologic lifestyle by designing a smartphone ourselves.

NuAns NEO sought out to design a device that blends into our hands and lifestyles by using natural materials which bring immediate comfort. In this new era, we have brought nuance to digital devices with new answers for our lifestyles.

Our quest in providing you with the comfort does not end with smartphones. We seek out ways to make every aspect of our daily lifestyles more comfortable.

NuAns NEO has provided a new challenge that will has become our goal.

Freelance Journalist Masakazu Honda


A richly-experienced freelance journalist of IT, mobile, audio & visual, contents business, network service, and the Internet culture with insight of digital world. He covers all related to digital lie connected by technology and the internet, and checks the companies in the digital industry and market information.

Trinity, Inc. Mayu Nakamura

Project Manager

Joined Trinity in 2012. Working in the management planning section directly with CEO. She has been doing many different things from sales support to fixing the roof of "Trinita", a restaurant run by Trinity. Making the most use of the long experience of being all-rounder, she became the NEO project manager. She is now taking care of schedule management and product management.

Trinity, Inc. / CEO Tetsushi Hoshikawa

Brand Producer

Established Trinity, Inc. in 2006 as a distribution company of iPod or Mac accessories. Later on, with original brand "Simplism", and "EVENNO", he has been pursuing "Something cool, something that he wants" in the designed digital gadgets industry. He launched NuAns this year and finally reached NEO through the process of pursuing something he wants.

CAP, INC. / CEO Junichi Nagayama

Technical Director

While he owns a MD license, he established a software company named CAP, INC. soon after he graduated University of Tokyo. He got an software award by ARENA Internet Mailer in 1999 and 2000 from ASCII. After that he extended his carrier with hardware and mechanics, and works as a multifunction engineer now. As he introduced TENT to Trinity and NuAns had some electric products, he joined the NuAns project as a technical adviser. And he became a technical director for the NEO project.

TENT Ryosaku Aoki

Industrial Designer, Art Director

He has been in charge of product design of voice recorder, camera, PC and other accessories, also product planning and strategy in the Olympus Corporation and Sony Corporation. Established TENT in 2011 with Masayuki Haruta. His theme is "pleasing the eyes and the more you use, the more you love." and based on this concept, he develops products and provides from variety of product designs such as packaging, website, Apps UI, exhibition space to total designing.

TENT Masayuki Haruta

Industrial Designer, Art Director

Graduated from Tama Art University, and after the working experience in the design office and Lifestyle goods manufacturing company, he has been designing products such as home electronics and interiors, also packaging and catalogs. He established TENT with Aoki in 2011. His theme is "pleasing the eyes and the more you use, the more you love." and based on this concept, he develops products and provides from variety of product designs such as packaging, website, Apps UI, exhibition space to total designing.

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